4 Important tips to adding eye makeup

The first thing that you normally notice in someone is their eyes. That’s why it is important to make the best of your eyes while applying makeup. Correct eye makeup can make our face glowing. It will be hard to determine how to wear it when you are applying eye shadow for the very first time. You are thinking about how to match it with an outfit? What colour will I apply, and should it match with the eye colour?

1. Select the perfect eye shadow colour:

Things that you should think about are your skin tone and eye colour.

Blue eyes – A mixture of Deep blue and violet with black will make your eyes stand out, and these colours are good for building a smokey effect on blue eyes. If you want a funky look, use creamy peaches, vibrant purples and fuchsia.

Hazel or Green Eyes –For the Smokey effect, use Burnt orange, dark brown and brown. For funky looks, use lime green, purple, orange or yellow. Use any shade of creamy orange and gold to open up.

Brown Eyes – Get away with the best colours; copper, bronze, and gold will highlight the eye colour. Lighter colours such as light blue will brighten baby pink pastel green and open the eyes. To build a funky look use hot pink, fuchsia, yellow, teal lime, bright violet and blue.

2. Selecting the perfect type of eye shadow: 

Various types of eye shadow exist; some have loose powder, textures, pressed powder, glitter and cream effects.

Liquid Eye shadow – They will give you a refined look; these are good for brightening the eyes.

Cream Eye shadow –If you want to use it as liquid eyeliner, you can add a little water. Cream Eye shadow is hard to blend. Never try to blend too many of these colours together, as they will make your eyes look blotchy. The good thing about cream Eye shadow is they provide you with a gorgeous intense, and vibrant colour. They are best used with fingers or sponges.

Powder Eye shadow – Come in single colours and as part of colour sets. Powder Eye shadow is good for getting the Smokey eye effect as they combine really well. Always use a brush when applying powders.

3. How to apply the Eye shadow:

Primer –Every makeup artist must have at the moment. Before you apply your eye shadow and make your eye shadow primer will be set on for hours. You can apply the primer base like a moisturizer to the eyelid part and blend it into the eye.

Makeup Brushes –A makeup artist must have Makeup Brushes. The correct brushes will help in the application and blending of the colours.

Blending –Blending is important if you want to make a smoky effect. The best way to blend is get three colours. 

4. Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Eyelashes –Eyelashes are Important if you wish to open your eyes up; always use your eyelash curlers before mascara application. It is a very good technique for people with small eyes.

Mascara – Think if you wish to thicken your eyelashes or increase length, buy a good mascara that has volatilizing or thickening qualities in them.

Eyebrows – Eyebrows complement the eye. A good eyebrow pencil and a good eyebrow brush will finish your look.