A Comparison of In-House and Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Over time the foods we eat can discolour and stain the teeth. Foods such as red wine, coffee and tea can stain the teeth as well as nicotine. Many people desiring whiter teeth may try an at-home whitening kit first believing it to be more cost effective.

At-home whitening kits

At-home whitening kits are sold on the high street and are readily available for people to buy and try. They involve using plastic trays and you apply whitening gel into the trays and then wear the trays like a mouth guard.

Most patients choose to wear these during the night to avoid affecting their day to day routines. The problems associated with at-home whitening is that the plastic trays which fit over the teeth are not custom made to fit the individual’s mouth, therefore they may rub the gums and cause irritation. Look here.

An alternative to this is getting a home whitening kit from your dentist. This means that a dentist will first take an impression of the teeth so that the trays can be built specifically for each patients teeth. The strength of the whitening gel can also be decided with your dentist to offer the correct and specific effects desired.

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In-House whitening

There are a range of whitening treatments that can be carried out in the dental chair in less than an hour.

Often a whitening gel is used in combination with a special blue light which activated the gel resulting in instantly whiter and brighter teeth. Often whitening treatments used by dentists offer a mix of at home whitening and in-house whitening for the ultimate whitening effects. See: LED teeth whitening.

Whatever treatment you decide to have the best option would be to visit your dentist for a consultation to decide on the best treatment for you. This means that at home whitening can be controlled easier and the trays are custom made. The concentration of bleach can also be changed to suit individual needs.

In-house whitening may be more expensive than at-home whitening but results can be instantaneous offering a fast and effective treatment in under an hour.