Impacted Wisdom Teeth

There are four different types of impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Mesial Impaction – the tooth grows facing towards the mouth
  • Vertical Impaction – the tooth is straight but unable to break through the gums due to other teeth.
  • Distal Impaction – the tooth grows facing away from the next tooth, becoming lodged in the process.
  • Horizontal Impaction – Normally very painful, the tooth grows horizontally.

The best treatment for impacted wisdom teeth is to find a good dentist and have the wisdom teeth removed.

Impacted wisdom teeth – Wikipedia

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, and just because there is pain present doesn’t mean that the tooth will need to be taken out.

However, in all cases, it’s better to be safe by checking with a dentist first. A simple check-up will be able to clarify whether you should have your wisdom tooth removed. See: Regular Check-Ups.

If you do need wisdom teeth removal, don’t worry! The procedure is simple and quick.