Are Fake Eyelashes better than Fibre Mascara?

Mascaras and falsies are the ultimate beauty product they can transform your entire face in minutes. And with the introduction of eyelash fibres in the past decade, we have even more options for getting ling lush, full lashes. But don’t put away your falsies just yet!

Fibre mascara and falsies each serve a different purpose, and each comes with its own set of pros and cons. So, which suits you best?

False lashes

Pro’s of false lashes. Have you ever notice how mascara commercials always tout new formulas that can give you the fake eyelash look? That’s because there’s nothing that can beat the fuller, longer, thicker results you get using false lashes. False eyelashes are easy to apply once you get the hang of it, many brands come with a self-adhesive so need to buy glue separately.

They’re affordable and reusable, with a variety of options that let you change up your look as often as you change your makeup.

Choose individual lashes for a more natural look or choose coloured falsies that make your eyes pop.

Con ’s of false lashes. Eyelash glue is messy, if you have sensitive eyes, adhesives could cause an adverse reaction or infection, which is why you should always test a dot of the glue near your eyebrow before applying false lashes.

Another downfall is that, while fake lashes look super dramatic, they can also look conspicuously fake, especially if one happens to fall out of place.

Of course, big and proudly false could be the look you’re going for! Remove lashes carefully, loosening the adhesive before pulling off, this will help prevent you from pulling out your real eyelashes.

Fibre Mascara

Pros of fibre mascara. Lash fibres are the next best thing to naturally long and voluminous lashes. Not only do they look natural, but they’re easier to apply than false lashes.

Fibre mascara, come in a tube with a wand that allows you to apply them directly to your lashes.

The synthetic fibres attach to lash tips, elongating your natural hairs and bulking up the spaces in between for volume. Fibre mascara allows you to apply and wash off every day.

Con’s of fibre mascara. Lash fibres are very thin and can flake off easily, which means you could get an eye infection if fibers get in your eye especially if you wear contacts.

As the day goes on, fibres can also fall onto your face or eyeglasses and assuming they’re coated with mascara, you could be battling stray streaks by evening.

The sometimes tacky consistency might also make your top and bottom lashes stick together especially in the inner and outer corners. They can also look quite spidery so don’t layer the mascara too thick.

There you have it, Fiber mascara versus strip lashes.