Beauty Resolutions for 2019

And My Beauty Resolution Is…

I know everyone is sick of New Years Resolution posts because let’s face it, it can be a little bit boring when everyone posts about the same thing. However, I thought considering my resolution is such a light heated dose of body beauty, you wouldn’t mind if I dropped my penny into the water too.

I have dry skin, and I never take care of my body. Ever. I think I must have moisturised/used body lotion about three times last year, if that, *slaps wrist*. There’s no explanation, I’m not particularly fat (7 stone ish) and I’m only 5’2″ so it’s not too much of a challenge, but I’m just too lazy. And it’s bad. I’m going to wrinkle before I’ve left school at this rate. So my beauty resolution this year is to wave hello to somebody lovin’ products. I’ve selected a few which are really nice, some I haven’t tried yet.

For bog standard body lotion, Butter Yourself by Soap & Glory (£10) smells gorgeous and has such a convenient bottle, perfect for use as it’s got a handy pump. If you want to go a bit more hardcore, body butters are the way to go. The most famous body jars of butter (I think) are the body shop ones, and their Strawberry Body Butter (£13) smells divine and has a lovely consistency. I haven’t used it my body, but I have smoothed my finger around it (lol) and it feels gorgeous.

Alternatively, The Righteous Butter by Soap and Glory (£10.00) has a bit of a thinner consistency, although it’s still thick, and I have tried this before on my face, and it’s fantastic. I need to get into this one again!

For washing, a good old scrub will do you no harm, and Sugar Crush by Soap and Glory (£8) is brilliant- it smells divine. I’m not entirely sure on what a Body Polish is, but I do want a ‘polished body’ so the Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Polish (£5, how many times can I say polish in one sentence) may give your body a bit of TLC, but not be as harsh as the scrub.

Now, with all these gorgeous products, I have no excuse. 🙂 The other three resolutions I have this year relate to my blog.

Post more, maybe every two or three days, aiming for at least 12 posts a month, Create better quality content, not just quick reviews or stock photos, posts with HQ photos, linked and brilliant themes and topics, and Comment on More Blogs to build mine and get more involved in the blogging community.

So there they are, four resolutions, three of which link in together and one which represents my downright laziness.

Oops. Body, I love you really.

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