Frequent cannabis users are likely to age quicker

cannabis addiction

cannabis addiction

The effects of cannabis on a person’s appearance

Similar to the impact that drugs such as cocaine and heroin can have on the user’s physical appearance, a cannabis addiction can also impact a person’s physical features after too much use.

When people think of the way cannabis can impact a person’s looks, they may think of the short-term reasons that can be easily fixed with time and makeup.

But, there are different ways that being a frequent cannabis user can affect your physical appearance.

Long term impact

Those who frequently take cannabis may notice a change in their physical features.

Cannabis has multiple ways it can negatively affect a person’s appearance.

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Action to take if physical signs of cannabis addiction are being shown

cannabis addiction

If a loved one is showing signs of an addiction to cannabis, it may be hard to talk to them about it.

Regardless if it is your friend, partner or a member of your family – it can be a hard experience to talk about.

The best thing is to approach them in a calm, respectful way about their addiction.

  1. Be gentle and understanding.
  2. Ask them about why they feel the need to take cannabis.
  3. Mention changes you have noticed within them.
  4. Offer them ways to get help – talk to them about getting rehab treatment as it is the best way to help a struggling addict.

Can the effects be reversed?

Those who want to get help for their cannabis addiction may notice the long-term signs of their addiction disappearing.

Getting help for your addiction does not automatically get rid of the physical effects within the first week.

Treating the addiction takes time, effort and energy.

People may expect all signs of their addiction to disappear within a specific, short time frame.

You must understand that treatment is not only for getting rid of physical signs of cannabis addiction.

Going to a cosmetic centre is only a temporary treatment for a serious issue if you continue to take cannabis.

If you want to get help for your cannabis addiction, it should be for more reasons than just your physical appearance.